Health Care: a right only if you’re privileged

She’s beauty, she’s grace, and she thoroughly embodies what it means to be an American in this day and age- problematic, confused, and needing to think long and hard before opening her mouth and letting some ish come out. Ladies and gents, she’s Kara McCullough, and she thinks people don’t deserve health care unless they have a job!

Really, that’s what she thinks. McCullough is one of those people whose family had steady employment her entire life and provided her access to education, and while she’s definitely done something with that education (she’s an emergency preparedness specialist for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Office) she seems to have forgotten that not everyone has access to the opportunities she’s had, and sometimes people have to start at the below the bottom and claw their way up. McCullough is part of the generation who was able to stay on their parents’ insurance until they were twenty-six, and then she was able to get a job that provided her with insurance. What about people who are over the age of twenty-six, or whose parents won’t put them on their insurance? What about people who do have jobs, but whose jobs don’t offer insurance? What about people who are self-employed, and have to purchase their own insurance? What about people who are only able to find part-time work? I’m one person, and I’ve literally been in or know people who have been in all of these situations.

Here’s the thing, though: I genuinely do not think she thought at all before she said this. Granted, these responses are typically just little sound bites for the judges to use to determine whether or not you win, but it is so, so important when you’ve got a platform that big, where the entire world is watching, that you stop and consider what you’re about to say. She’s Miss USA; she needs to consider the lives of actual americans before she speaks for them and what they should or should not have. Just because she’s had relatively smooth sailing thus far in her life does not mean that people who have struggled are deserving of less. However, this isn’t just a Kara McCullough problem. This is a Paul Ryan problem. This is a Betsy Devos problem. This is a Donald J Trump problem. The rich are so disconnected from the lives of everyday people that perhaps to them, it does look like we’re lazy. It’s inexcusable, but at least they have the excuse of not having real, everyday problems. You know who doesn’t have an excuse? Hardworking, everyday people who support Donald Trump. He’s going to take away their health insurance. He’s going to take food out of their children’s mouths. He’s going to sit there and give himself tax cuts and tell the poor to eat cake. But they still support him- they support policies and laws that actively hurt them, because they don’t want to stop and think about the effect this is having on them. Kara McCullough may have a job and healthcare now; what happens one day when she’s old and broken down and depending on a flawed system to help her?

That’s what none of Trump’s supporters seem to realize- one day, all of this will affect you. All those social safety nets you want to tear down because right now you’re being taxed? One day, you’re going to need them. If you don’t need them, your children will. And what will you tell them when they’re gone? 


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