Saving the World With Style

Remember Ivanka Trump and her controversial clothing line? On May 31st, three men from a Chinese labor group visited a factory that produces Ivanka’s line to look into possible human rights violations- which they witnessed in spades. However, one of the men was arrested for illegal surveillance, and the other two have disappeared. 

Ivanka’s clothing line is manufactured mainly in China, and though human rights violations are common there, she and her father continue to turn a blind eye in order to conduct their business. This situation, unfortunately, is not limited solely to clothing lines produced by the daughter of the POTUS. Human rights violations in factories are a rampant problem in the US, one that we unintentionally promote when we shop at most retailers.

Fast fashion clothing chains don’t exactly have a great track record of human rights- in  2013, along with other companies, Gap was revealed to have exposed its factory workers to hazardous materials. Urban, which includes brands Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, also includes URBN, who has stated that they do not knowingly purchase cotton from Uzbekistan, which has a massive cotton industry that is manned by men, women and children who have been forced into labor by the government. In 2014, URBN failed a survey from the Responsible Sourcing Network that looks into how hard brands work at not buying cotton from Uzbekistan.

So there’s a pretty good chance what you’re wearing at this moment may have come from a sweatshop. The thing is, we can’t all go out and replace our entire wardrobe with fair practice clothes- who in the world has money for that? And where would you even begin?

First, it’s important to change your mindset regarding your clothes. How much clothing do you actually need? I mean, really and truly need. The problem with these fast fashion brands is that they’re just that-fast. They’re made to fall apart, so you come back and buy more. Wouldn’t it be better, and less wasteful, to have a few quality pieces you love as opposed to several cheap, poorly made items of clothing you’re going to have to replace in a month anyway? You’d also save a lot more money if you didn’t have to keep replacing the same item over and over again. 

Below are several items that can be purchased at the following links, all for less than $100. Plus, many of these companies donate their proceeds to nonprofit organizations that go towards addressing various social issues, allowing you to both look cute and have a positive impact on the world. Plus, these items are responsibly made, so you don’t have to worry that someone else suffered so you can look nice. Everyone wins- you look superfly, you’re helping to prevent human rights violations, and you’re giving money that would go to people like Ivanka Trump to nonprofits. Everyone wins- well, not Ivanka, but her dad is doing enough winning for all of them.


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