Stop Killing Our Children

The irresponsibility being shown to the children of America is a disgrace. For a country that claims to be so great regarding human and civil rights, the fact that we have allowed the police officers of our country to murder children and get away with it shows the complete opposite: a willful disregard towards human life. When children cannot safely leave their homes without fear that their lives will be ended by the men and women who are supposed to protect them, we have truly failed as a nation.

Perhaps it’s because the children being murdered aren’t white. Maybe that’s really and truly what it is. If little blond haired, blue eyed Caden was getting his skull fractured by an off-duty police officer, the entire country would be frothing at the mouth for justice, and if they didn’t get it, they would take it for themselves. But it’s not little Caden being brutalized by law enforcement- it’s little Naji Tribble, who walked into a gym with his friends, was berated with racial slurs by the several white men present, followed home by one of the men (an off-duty cop), and then slammed to the ground, which fractured his skull.

The story so far has only been reported in Philadelphia Magazine, despite occurring on May 11th. Almost a month can go by without anyone being made aware that yet another child has been victimized by the police- just another symptom of this disgusting sickness that’s stopping a nation doing right by its children. Kevin Furman, the off-duty police officer who followed a 14 year old boy home from the gym so he could physically assault him, told the police who arrived on the scene that he’d attacked Naji because Naji punched Furman’s wife in the back of the head- Furman’s wife, who was not present to have been punched in the head- and the police accepted this story as fact, and upon discovering that Furman was a fellow officer, began to mistreat and berate the family, threatening to imprison them if they didn’t back off.

Though Naji’s parents sought medical aid for Naji after the attack, the hospital refused to give him a CAT scan because they didn’t want to expose him to radiation. He’s been having seizures ever since, and has been taken back to the hospital numerous times since. His parents attempted to file a complaint with the police department’s internal affairs division, but were given the run-around until an officer from another facility that the family knew from Naji’s father’s boxing days got involved.

This entire case is a blatant example of the systemic willful negligence that is shown to black people by the agencies that are put in place by our government to protect us. The harm that is done to our children, black or otherwise, directs the course of our future. What future has been taken from Naji? He now suffers seizures that have been caused by violence at the hands of the law; should he require medical care, he may not be able to receive it due to the laws and rules that are being established by leaders who do not have his best interests at heart and do not care if he lives long enough to reach adulthood. If he should, he faces racist law enforcement that will do their best to beat the black out of him- and should he survive, he will face incarceration that will prevent him from ever living a normal life. How can we stand in support of a government agency that is supposed to protect us and instead takes away the futures we’ve fought to give our children? Children’s lives matter as much as blue lives matter, and if you’re the sort of human being who will follow a child home and beat them badly enough to give them seizures, you should consider an alternate line of work, because clearly you are not fit to serve our country. And if you’re the kind of person who will support these people as they go out and attack children, take a long, long look at yourself: you are just as culpable as they are in these children’s deaths.


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