Trump to Face “Big League” Lawsuit

Donald Trump, king of ridiculous lawsuits, will face a “big league” lawsuit himself from Maryland and DC regarding his refusal to divest himself from his business interests. The lawsuit, which was announced Sunday night, will focus on the money he has made from his various hotel interests, and will range from money he has directly made from foreign governments to his decision to build several new hotels in primarily red states.

The decision comes days after former FBI head James Comey testified against Trump, alleging that Trump strongly implied that he would like Comey to drop any Russia-related investigation due to the difficulty the implication that Trump had anything to do with Russia has caused him during his first few months in office. Comey’s testimony was met with mixed reactions, most of which were divided along a very clear partisan line. Most people heard what they wanted to hear from the Comey testimony, and the way ahead is no clearer afterwards than it was before.

Maryland and DC, however, have had it up to *here* with this nonsense. Despite quite possible federal repercussions, the Attorneys General have come to the realization that our Congress does not actually intend to do anything about Trump’s blatant disregard for constitutional norms, and if there is to be any meaningful resistance, it must come from the state level. And hey, if the Supreme Court allows the lawsuit to proceed, one of the first orders of business will be getting ahold of those tax statements. Stay tuned.


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