Sound and Fury

Like it or not, Donald Trump’s name has been in everyone’s mouth lately. It’s gotten to the point where I personally have developed FOMO over missing one of the breaking news stories about whatever political atrocity he’s committed between 5 minutes ago and now. Really, though, as important as it is to bear witness to the destruction of constitutional norms that’s taking place, it’s more important to pay attention to something other than the sound and the fury taking place on Capitol Hill right now: He’s rolling back policies that are in place to protect our country, and he’s doing it by distracting us with his tweets and general absurdity.
The Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is an Obama-era policy established to ensure government oversight so banks don’t drag us over the edge of a cliff like they did in 2008. Trump has been working to repeal the Dodd-Frank Act since he took office, and we didn’t notice because we were too busy freaking out over whether or not he’s working with Russia- which is also important. By appearing to have committed a crime which is unthinkable by our standards, he has created a smokescreen behind which he can operate and remove financial regulations that would otherwise prevent rich people like him from getting richer. And it’s not just financial regulations he’s messing with. His latest attempt at repealing and replacing healthcare is taking place completely behind closed doors, with no input from democrats whatsoever. How terrible can this plan possibly be that no one is allowed to know about it? Unlike Trump’s last attempt to kick half the country off their insurance, no one’s frantically calling their congressman or protesting. I, for one, have been too busy trying to keep up with the many twists and turns of the Comey investigation, but more so than that, I am tired. I’m tired of 24-hour breaking news about how much worse our country’s gotten since I last checked my phone, and part of me only wants to think about the possibility that he’s going to get impeached. As encouraging as the mere thought of him not being in charge of our country anymore is, we’ve got to focus on why it is important that he’s not in charge anymore. We’ve had idiot presidents before, but as for one who seems hellbent on running the country into the ground and splitting with the profits, Trump is the first and the worst. He is, at heart, a businessman, and I truly believe he’s pulling a fast one on us all. He’s following up on what his constituents thought he would do-he’s running the country like a business, one that he intends to run into the ground much like he ran his other businesses into the ground. All his bluster, shock and awe are sound and fury, and what they signify is the death of America at the hand of unmitigated capitalism. So bear witness, fight back, and pay attention. We’re being conned.


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