In Case You Forgot

Harry Truman said in 1947 that “it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation…by outside pressures.” After the end of World War II, America found itself at a crossroads of sorts: Russia, their once ally during the war, was miffed that America refused to treat them as a legitimate country, and also that the U.S. had delayed their entry into the war, leading to several Russian deaths. America recognized Russia as a threat, due to then-leader Joseph Stalin’s iron rule and expansionist policies. Both countries were armed to the teeth, and could wipe each other off the face of the earth. Instead of choosing to directly engage in warfare, America sought to minimize the Russian threat through a strategy called “containment,” hence Truman’s comment to congress.

The containment strategy was used to justify a massive weapons collections on both sides, weapons of the calibur used to end WWII. The proliferation of atomic weapons and the radioactive waste that testing them spewed into the atmosphere created suspicion and dread on both sides. Either country could attack at any given time, and this paranoia lingered for the next 40 years. It shaped the  American political landscape, but more importantly, it defined the United States as a country. Because of the cold war, America put man on the moon just so we could say we did it before the Russians did. The NSA requested that Hollywood produce anti-communist movies, leading to McCarthyism. Americans felt extra-patriotic, and we used our economic power to support our country through making sure our military was ready to take on any threat Russia may present. Above all else, America was aware and wary of espionage, which had been going on prior to WWII and continues through today. In short, we have a long, long history of defending ourselves against Russia- so why is it that now, if Trump gets his way, we’re totally going to be BFFs with them?

Nothing has changed on Russia’s part. It’s still a country being run by Vladmir Putin, a former high-ranking member of the KGB. Bodies of Russian defectors have been turning up in the UK for years. The U.S. government is attempting to investigate whether or not Russia interfered in our elections. Yet our leader has yet to say anything remotely negative about Russia at all. Where is the incredulity that has been bred into American DNA? Anyone who has ever seen a James Bond movie should know: YOU CAN’T TRUST RUSSIA. They have proven themselves historically to be untrustworthy. I know republicans worship the ground Trump walks on, but this is a matter of national security. Why can’t anyone see this? For our own peace of mind, Americans should be demanding an investigation. We’re in danger of the death of democracy at the hands of our most notorious enemy, and yet we want to sit here and bicker amongst ourselves over whether or not Steve Bannon was joking when he called Sean Spicer fat. Really guys? Really? 


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