Game of Continuing to Pay Attention to the White House

Remember back when we had the luxury of not staying glued to our screens to keep up to date on what new way the current administrative Trumpsterfire was burning our country down? Yeah, that was nice. Every time I get a notification on my phone these days, my heart goes all aflutter and my stomach churns violently because Donald Trump gives me gastrointestinal distress. With my Trump F.O.M.O. it’s hard to remember that somehow, somewhere, there are people out there carrying on somehow like the world is not coming very quickly to a tweet-induced end. But they’re there among us, and they might even be a majority. I don’t see how, because every day that he’s in office is a fundamental violation of civil rights, rule of law, and just basic constitutional norms, but they’re out there. The other day, I posted one of several articles about McCain being the one whose vote prevented Skinny Repeal from being a thing, and it included a picture of his smug-assed face, recent surgery scar and all. A high school friend of mine commented, asking essentially what happened to his face. I’m like, Wtf do you mean what happened to his face? Have you not been keeping up with this AT ALL? The blood clot and the cancer and the…just….how do you not know about this?

But really, seriously, how is EVERYONE not paying attention? People will watch Game of Thrones, with it’s massive assed cast of characters and tits and 1,000 seasons, but they can’t pay the same attention to reality? People will watch ALL of Naruto, which has been on since THE DAWN OF TIME, but you can’t pay attention for six months to the guy who’s either going to get us invaded by Russia or nuked by North Korea, if not both? We all might die. Really. How is this not the most fascinating thing you’ve ever seen?

As I said before, I miss the luxury of not having to keep up with the news like a fiend looking for her next hit. I really do. But guess what? This is not going away. This is a real, legit problem, one that is really a matter of life and death. Pay the fuck attention.

At least it’s interesting though- the White House Communications Director called The New Yorker and accused Steve Bannon of trying to suck his own cock. If you need a reason to pay attention (other than the fact that we’re all going to die), I suggest you start there.


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